Achieve Unparalleled Accuracy and Lightning Fast Speed in Takeoff and Estimating with Haqq Takeoff, a Premier Cloud Based Construction Takeoff Software

Haqq takeoff is the only cloud based construction software that offers rapid takeoff, complete estimating, and precise costing, for concrete and rebar estimating, in one solution

Why Construction Professionals Rely On Haqq Takeoff Software

Construction professionals rely on Haqq Takeoff for its accuracy, efficiency, tailored features, cost-effectiveness, adherence to industry standards, and flexibility, all of which contribute to improved project outcomes and profitability.


Haqq Takeoff utilizes cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to provide highly accurate concrete and rebar estimations. This accuracy is crucial for ensuring project success, as it helps professionals make informed decisions regarding materials, costs, and timelines.


With Haqq Takeoff, professionals can streamline their estimation process, saving significant time and effort compared to manual or less advanced methods. The software automates calculations, reduces human error, and provides quick results, allowing professionals to focus on other important aspects of their projects.

Tailored for Concrete and Rebar

Haqq Takeoff is specifically designed to address the needs of concrete and rebar-related projects. It offers specialized tools and features that are customized for these specific trades, ensuring that professionals have access to the most relevant and accurate estimation capabilities.


By providing accurate estimations, Haqq Takeoff helps professionals optimize their project profitability. It minimizes costly errors and allows for better budgeting, resource allocation, and overall cost control. This ultimately leads to improved financial outcomes for construction projects.

Industry Standards

Haqq Takeoff stands out as the only concrete and rebar takeoff software that aligns with realistic industry practices and standards. This makes it a reliable and trusted solution for professionals who want to ensure their estimations are in line with industry norms and expectations.


While Haqq Takeoff specializes in concrete and rebar estimation, it is also adaptable to handle other trades. This flexibility allows construction professionals from various disciplines to benefit from the software and streamline their estimation processes.

Who We Serve

We simplify the takeoff and estimating process for construction professionals from all trades

Getting Started With Haqq Takeoff is Easy

Digital measuring with online software will change the way you kick off your construction projects. Quickly create accurate takeoffs in three simple steps.

Upload PDF’s

Select the pdf or Image file on your computer
and upload.

Set Scale & Start Measuring

Set your scale manually or use the page scale and start measuring.

Start pricing or export

Use the built-in estimator to export your
measurements to excel

Customers Who Trust Us

See what Haqq Takeoff customers are saying

Nathan Brady from Arkansas Rebar

“Since beginning to use Haqq Takeoff, my productivity has skyrocketed. Not only has it helped me in the takeoff process, but it is incredibly useful to be able to be able to go back to old projects to reorient myself after a long period of time. It’s easy to use and saves me a huge amount of time and effort on a daily basis. I never have to print off any plans again.”

Josh Mckenzie from Lloyd Rebar

“The Haqq takeoff software makes quick work of collecting takeoff quantities. It’s quick, simple, and accurate..”

Olivia from Soloh Partners Inc.

"Haqq Takeoff software has revolutionized the way we handle estimates at our construction company. As a project manager, I can confidently say that this tool has cut down our takeoff time significantly. It's intuitive, and the accuracy is unmatched. Our team now relies on Haqq for all our estimating needs!"

Tom MacVicar from JPMorgan Chase & Co

"I can't imagine working without Haqq Takeoff anymore. It's a game-changer! As a subcontractor, I used to struggle with rebar takeoff calculations and keeping track of various projects. With Haqq, everything is streamlined, and I can access previous estimates effortlessly. Highly recommended!"

Emma from Allied Universal

"Haqq Takeoff is a must-have tool for any concrete & rebar estimator. Since incorporating it into our workflow, our efficiency has soared. The software's ease of use is remarkable, and it has saved us countless hours on takeoff tasks. It's like having a dedicated assistant that never makes mistakes!"

Charles Anthon from Columbia University

"As a small construction business owner, Haqq Takeoff has been a lifesaver. It's not just a time-saver, but it also helps me make accurate bids. The software is straightforward, and I appreciate the constant updates that improve its functionality. It's made my job so much easier."

Sophia from Soloh Partners Inc.

"Haqq Takeoff is the best investment we've made for our construction company. The speed and precision with which it calculates takeoff quantities are impressive. It has streamlined our estimating process, allowing us to take on more projects and grow our business. This software is a true asset!"

Oday Aboushi from JPMorgan Chase & Co

"Haqq Takeoff has made my work as an estimator much more enjoyable. The software's user-friendly interface and extensive feature set make estimating a breeze. I can confidently present accurate bids to our clients, thanks to this fantastic tool."

Charlotte from Walgreens

"Haqq Takeoff software has exceeded our expectations. We used to struggle with takeoff accuracy, but not anymore. The software's reliability has given us the confidence to take on larger and more complex projects. It's a real game-changer for our construction company!"

Trey Anastasio from Morgan Stanley

"Before Haqq Takeoff, takeoff calculations were a tedious and error-prone task. But now, it's a joy to work on estimates. The software's speed and accuracy have significantly reduced the time we spend on takeoffs, allowing us to focus on other critical aspects of our projects."

Amelia from Whole Foods Market

"Haqq Takeoff is the secret weapon behind our company's success. It has made us more competitive in the market by delivering precise and consistent estimates. The software's ability to store historical data has also helped us better understand project trends and improve our future bids."

James Cagney from United Nations

"As an experienced construction professional, I was skeptical about adopting new software. However, Haqq Takeoff won me over with its simplicity and effectiveness. It has simplified our takeoff process and boosted our productivity. I highly recommend it to anyone in the construction industry!"

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