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Simple Design

User Friendly

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Simple Design

Haqq Takeoff does not require hours of training. Everything is self-explanatory.

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Dimension picking

Tools make everything simpler. Picking up the dimension from the screen has never been easier.

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Drafting & Markups:

We have all the tools you need for simple Scaled Line drafting, Revision clouds, and markups.

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Formula Creating:

Elementary school level formula creating.

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Import values to spread sheet automatically. Use our spread sheets or export to excel.

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Bid Calendar & Notifications

Setup your calendar with ease.

Don’t miss any Bids.


The most User friendly , Easy to use , Free takeoff software . Designed by a Civil Engineer / Estimator

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01. IDEA

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Available For Any Projects

How Does It Work?

Fast & Easy


We designed Haqq Takeoff to be fast and simple as much as possible. Value entering is very fast and easy.

You can see in this video, how fast you can enter column footing values.

This can be done even faster-using shortcut keys.

Dimension Picking


If dimensions are not provided in the drawing, you don’t have to stop and go back to select the dimension tool.

All you have to do is click the dimension pick-up tool next to the value entry, and it will allow you to pick up a dimension from the screen and you go back to where you left off automatically. 

Drafting & Markups:


Haqq Takeoff has all you need for simple drafting and markups.

  • Text entry,
  • Scaled Line Drafting,
  • Scaled Leader Arrows,
  • Freehand drafting,
  • Shape Drafting
    • Circle,
    • Square,
    • Rectangular,
    • Diamond,
    • Revision Clouds,
  • Picture Insert,

Formula Creation


Elementary school level formula creation.

You can create formulas for almost anything.

Such as Volume for Wall.

When you use the Multi Linear tool for walls, you already have Length and Thickness.



You just need to define a new variable for the Height of the wall,

C= Height

And Create a new formula for volume

Volume = A*B*C

That is simple, isn’t it?

Spreadsheet Import/Export


Import values to a spreadsheet automatically.

There are two sheets created automatically Sheet1 and Summary .

The summary sheet already has the list of all the takeoffs you did.  Pressing the fx button you can add values for your formulas next to your takeoffs.

Or you can use a blank Sheet1 spreadsheet and using the + button you can add the specific takeoff elements with values and then by pressing the fx button you can add values for your formulas next to them.

Use our spreadsheets or export to excel. 

Bid Calendar & Notifications


Easily manage your schedule and notifications.

When you creating a project, you will be entering the bid due date. You can see what’s due by pressing the Calendar tool.

Simple Documentation and Timing


You can take your notes right on the screen.

You can create a To-Do list and check what’s done,

You can start Timer ,

We have all you need to be successful.

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